All photography provided by Scott Ramsey

My Mission

My name is Scott Ramsey, and I have a insatiable passion for exploring the natural world and a strong desire to share this passion with others.  My mission in life is to learn about this great mysterious world we live in and to teach others of its wonders, while having fun doing it.

My passion for the outdoors was raised to new heights and I returned a new man, with a much broader perspective of the importance of our role in the enviroment.
— By Scott, Ramsey. Guide, Father, Husband

About Me

I grew up playing sports and running around in the woods. After attending Virginia Wesleyan College, a small liberal arts school in Virginia, I graduated the most outstanding business graduate and went on to the College of William and Mary, acquiring a masters degree in Environmental Science. I wanted to explore the wilderness before returning for a PhD, so I headed North to Alaska. Landing in Southeast Alaska changed my life.  Living in Haines, Alaska for over 20 years has provided the opportunity to study and teach in of the most amazing living classroom on the planet.

In the past 20 years, I have worked as a lead instructor, naturalist, expedition guide, and environmental educator, leading people safely into wild places and showing people why these places are important. I am currently enrolled in a PhD program in  Sustainability Education from Prescott College. My passion for wild places has inspired me to inspire others.  Come join my on that adventure.